Phang Nga Bay

Introducing Phang Nga Bay

Instantly distinguished by its limestone karsts jutting out of the emerald-green Andaman Sea, Phang Nga Bay is a must-see excursion from any trip to the Thai islands of Phuket or Krabi. Beach and nature fanatics will be in their element, with caves, lagoons, and secluded beaches all part of the stunning landscape.

The Basics
The bay’s most famous spots include James Bond Island (named for its role in the filming of the movie The Man With the Golden Gun), the Phi Phi Islands, Hong Island, and Koh Panyee, all easily accessed by catamarans, speedboats, longtail boats, and Chinese junk boats traversing clear waters enclosed by massive limestone cliffs. Most tours feature opportunities to snorkel, swim, and soak up the sun while eating a fresh lunch on the deck.
Adventurous travelers can maneuver through mangrove forests by sea canoe or kayak to reach less-frequented parts of the bay, stopping to explore secluded lagoons, limestone sea caves, and the monkey temple. Visitors interested in local culture can visit the Muslim fishing village of Koh Panyee, built entirely on wooden stilts.

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